New Workout, New Supplements

New Workout, New Supplements

The way Americans exercise today is changing. At gyms everywhere, exercise enthusiasts have embraced a new style of training that stresses functional strength and workout efficiency while building muscle and burning fat. High-intensity cross-training workouts are a great way to build a lean, powerful and well-conditioned physique without having to spend hours in the gym. But these high-intensity workouts create different physical challenges that must be addressed for improved performance. Conquer your extreme workouts and get powerful results fast with MHP’s new X-Fit Trainer and X-Fit Power, clinically dosed supplements specially formulated for high-intensity cross training.

X-Fit Trainer is a preworkout formula that contains all-natural ingredients to boost energy levels up to 79 percent, improve mental focus and maximize cross-training workout intensity. This is critical for pushing through these exhausting full-body workouts. In addition, X-Fit Trainer’s clinical dose of beta-alanine will help you train faster and harder, while its clinical dose of creatine will help boost strength gains up to 45 percent. With every workout, you’ll continue to build the strength and power you seek.

What’s more, only X-Fit Trainer contains CortiFit, a patented high-potency adaptogenic botanical extract that helps lower cortisol (an undesirable catabolic hormone) up to 24 percent so you can promote lean muscle-mass gains. And X-Fit Trainer’s clinically dosed thermogenic blend can break down more body fat and continue burning 12 percent more calories up to four hours after your workout. This will help you get leaner and more conditioned from your training.

But what happens once your high-intensity CrossFit workout is over? Ask anyone who cross-trains, and he or she will say the biggest obstacle is recovery. X-Fit Power muscle-building and repair formula contains an exclusive, patent-pending clinical dose of two critical performance-enhancing ingredients: alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid (or HICA, a metabolite of leucine) and D-aspartic acid. In clinical studies, HICA is shown to significantly reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness, which is essential for getting you back in the gym and blasting through your next session.

X-Fit Power also helps you build muscle and strength with its clinical dose of DAA, which is shown in scientific research to increase testosterone levels up to 42 percent in just 12 days. Higher testosterone levels will promote anabolic growth for greater lean muscle building and improved muscular power. Only X-Fit Power contains the clinical doses of both HICA and DAA. New X-Fit Power is the perfect supplement to help you recover faster, improve exercise performance, gain lean muscle mass and boost muscular strength.