Maximum-Strength Fat-Burning Catalyst


Phenbuterol is a new maximum-strength fat-burning catalyst exclusively from MuscleMeds Performance Technologies. This potent thermogenic introduces the powerful proprietary compound Super 6-Paradol, a clinically researched extract of an African herb, grains of paradise, that promotes maximum fat burning.

Phenbuterol is an advanced development in fat-burning technology in that it promotes the activation of uncoupling protein 1. For those of you without a science background, UCP-1 enhances fat burning in brown adipose tissue in the body by shuttling fatty acids from stored body fat into cells’ mitochondria to generate heat and trigger thermogenesis. Using fatty acids from stored body fat rather than ATP from muscle tissue is a unique fat-burning mechanism of UCP-1 and brown adipose tissue — and one of Phenbuterol’s key fat-burning actions and benefits. 

To optimize the fat-burning potential of UCP-1 and BAT, MuscleMeds researchers explored the key mechanisms of action in the development of Phenbuterol and identified some newly discovered highly standardized natural compounds to provide potent results. One of their key findings is a potent clinically researched compound called Super 6-Paradol. This proprietary compound is derived from a plant native to West Africa called grains of paradise, and it has been shown in clinical studies to increase the thermogenic actions of UCP-1. Super 6-Paradol has been shown in animal and human studies to activate brown adipose tissue and increase whole-body energy expenditure.

Phenbuterol’s maximum-strength thermogenic formulation also includes powerful naturally derived compounds like hordenine, octopamine, synephrine, Ilex paraguariensis and Rauwolfia serpentina to provide synergistic fat-burning effects. In addition, select active ingredients in Phenbuterol also exert powerful energizing and mood-enhancing effects that help take the edge off dieting. 

Phenbuterol is a potent fat-burning catalyst for serious athletes and fitness buffs looking to lose excess body fat quickly and effectively.