Kick Your Workout Into Superdrive


When hall of fame bodybuilder Rich “The Dragon Slayer” Gaspari started Gaspari Nutrition, he didn’t just slap his well-known name on the label and disappear. “He’s heavily involved in the company and in the R&D process,” says Dan Pierce, vice president of brand strategy and product development for Gaspari Nutrition. 

An athlete himself, Pierce says firsthand industry insight is the secret to Gaspari Nutrition: “We have real athletes who have competed at a high level running the company. We excel at formulations that really work because athletes are so heavily involved in our product-development process. A lot of companies go from concept straight to the lab — but we go from concept to the gym to the lab.” 

Gaspari recently launched Superdrive, a preworkout powder that gives explosive energy, sensory stimulation, and focus and performance support. “When Gaspari researchers began to seek new preworkout technology, they knew they had to create some earth-shattering compounds new to sports nutrition,” Pierce says. “So the first ingredient they created was mitoDrive, a combination of ornithine and malic acid that not only supports endurance and enhances nitric oxide but also supports recovery and power. The second ingredient, Glycospan, came about by seeking out the triester of glycerol (the volumization king) and acetic acid. Through a process called microencapsulation, Glycospan helps with endurance by buffering, increasing pumps and increasing water absorption into the muscle.” 

Because cramps resulting from your intraworkout drink are the quickest way to kill a workout, sports drinks should be formulated to clear the stomach quickly. And so Gaspari introduced GlycoFuse, which Pierce says is the only pure highly branched cyclic dextrin product on the market. “This product actually goes right through the stomach to begin the normal carbohydrate digestive process so you don’t get cramping,” he says. “Endurance athletes systematically have to take carbs in throughout their marathons, cycling or Ironman competitions, and GlycoFuse allows for fewer feedings. And bodybuilders like it because it’s fast-acting and you won’t get the typical carbohydrate crash from it.” 

Finally, IsoFusion is a pure whey isolate product. With 25 grams of protein and, depending on flavor, 1 to 2 grams of carbs, it has an abundance of amino acids, zero synthetic colors and is gluten-free. “One of the great things about it is that our triple cold-filtration process keeps native protein ratios intact,” Pierce says. “And it tastes amazing!”

One way Gaspari is looking to stand out from the competition is in flavor-mapping technology, which ensures the flavor profiles in all its products are the same. As Pierce notes, other brands may have a chocolate and a vanilla protein powder, a blue raspberry preworkout and a fruit punch carbohydrate. That’s a lot of flavors to ingest all at once, which makes stacking difficult. “Flavor mapping allows our customers to combine any number of products in a palate-pleasing way,” Pierce says. “Maybe they want to stack Superdrive and GlycoFuse preworkout. Or they may want to combine Aminolast and GlycoFuse while they train. Or perhaps it’s IsoFusion with GlycoFuse postworkout. Either way, all these products are flavored to complement one another.”