Glucosamine to the Rescue!

Taking glucosamine not only helps your joints but it may improve performance, too.

You’ve managed to stick with your fitness goals all winter, and now summer is upon us. Call it Murphy’s Law, aging or just wear and tear, but this is generally when joint pain rears its ugly head, limiting your workout intensity and abolishing your chances of being in the best shape of your life this summer.

But the problem doesn’t have to be this dire; supplements can help and one of them is glucosamine, a popular joint-protection product. Although there’s already a ton of support for glucosamine for treating pain and inflammation, recent research published in Clinical Interventions in Aging shows that taking a glucosamine-based supplement improves functional outcomes, too. In this placebo-controlled study, subjects with knee pain who received a daily glucosamine-based supplement (containing 1,200 milligrams of glucosamine hydrochloride, 300 milligrams of shark cartilage, 90 milligrams of quercetin glycosides, 10 milligrams of imidazole peptides and 5 micrograms of vitamin D) per day experienced significant reductions in knee pain and major improvements in knee joint function and even walking speed.

ACTION POINT: If you choose a multi-ingredient joint-protection product, make sure it has 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of glucosamine per daily dose and take as directed. Take it consistently and before severe joint problems arise, as it may take up to three months to feel the benefits.