Get to Know: Betancourt Nutrition


Years in Business: 12 

Number of Employees: 15 core employees; 32 brand ambassadors; and 400 staff between the lab, manufacturing and warehouse 

Best-Selling Product: Bullnox Androrush is the first preworkout nitric oxide to offer a testosterone-boosting blend to enhance aggression and pump during exercise. For energy, Bullnox combines N-acetyl tyrosine, glucuronolactone, caffeine anhydrous and theobromine for the ultimate sustained energy rush with less chance of crash or jitters.

Newest Product: Pump’D promotes increases in nitric oxide. This caffeine-free preworkout blend supports increases in arginine synthesis, includes norvaline to blunt arginine breakdown, and features tyrosine and choline bitartrate for stimulant-free focus. It also contains Hydromax, a high-concentration glycerol that supports cell volumization and growth, and Agmapure, the industry’s leading ingredient for promoting nitric oxide and pumps.

Goals for 2015: There’s a lot of recent research on what ingredients (outside of protein) can be taken postworkout to maximize recovery and growth, and other supplement companies haven’t taken advantage of it yet. So Betancourt is going to continue to push the evolution of postworkout supplementation.

Company Mission: Betancourt aims to be a hardcore supplement brand without the poor product quality, lack of effectiveness, the controversy and overblown claims that plague the supplement industry. To Betancourt, hardcore means pushing the boundaries of performance while maintaining some of the highest quality and regulatory requirements in the industry. 

Strict Standards: Betancourt’s facilities have a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certification from NSF. This means that its facilities are audited on a regular basis to ensure that it manufactures products with the utmost quality and that the ingredients in its products meet label claims. Betancourt also performs its own in-house testing, which not only ensures the quality of the products but also of the individual raw materials that go into them. Any raw material that does not meet the required specifications is rejected. Betancourt’s testing methods also allow it to trace the history of specific lots of products to ensure customer satisfaction.

International Flair: Betancourt’s location in Miami is unique in that it has allowed the company to assemble an international team of chemists and lab staff who possess degrees from their home countries that are more advanced than typically required by the positions they hold. 

Point of Pride: For every category, Betancourt has a product formulated with unique innovations not offered by other products in that category. For example, Bullnox preworkout includes testosterone boosters; the Test-HP male vitality product features ingredients for cortisol control and estrogen health; Pure-Amino has a 4:1:1 ratio of water-soluble BCAAs (4 grams of leucine, 1 gram each of isoleucine and valine); and D-Stunner concentrated preworkout has ingredients that support oxygen intake.