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Get Ready for Battle


As every hard-training athlete knows, sometimes walking into the gym can feel like walking into battle. And nobody would go into battle without the proper ammunition to annihilate the enemy — in this case, fat, muscle fatigue and lack of energy. That’s why Daniel Amato founded Muscle Warfare for strength-, speed- and endurance-based athletes, bodybuilders and MMA fighters in late 2008.

“Muscle Warfare was formed out of athletes’ needs for products to work precisely and powerfully in the gym and my passion for providing it to them,” Amato says. “My company was formed from more than 10 years of extensive experience in the industry, which included product development strategies, training strategies and nutrition.”

Because Amato takes Muscle Warfare products to enhance his own workouts, he’s well aware of just how important small tweaks to a product can be. “Think of it like baking a cake,” he says. “Too much or too little sugar, baking soda and flour, and you just don’t get the right consistency or effect. The same goes with supplements. You can’t just get 10 hot-sounding ingredients, throw them in a formula and get a top-quality product. Once you try Muscle Warfare products and compare them to products in similar categories, you’ll simply feel and instantly know the quality difference. This, of course, shows up as better performance in the gym and on the field.”

The Muscle Warfare brand has four core products, and Amato says that between its Warfare Stack (Moab, Nuke and Napalm) and NMDA, athletes will definitely get all the performance-enhancement agents they need to get serious results. In fact, he has seen these results in Muscle Warfare’s 7,500-square-foot training facility, where a large group of athletes trains daily.

The first product, Moab, is what Amato calls a “no-B.S. foundation nitric-oxide product” that can be taken daily to enhance vascularity and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. It has 9,000 IUs of vitamin D-3 and the complete complex of B vitamins for enhanced support.

Amato describes Napalm as the preworkout product that’s starting to take the country by storm. “Virtually everyone who tries it compared to the competition likes it better and gets better performance in the gym,” he says. “No crash, just intense, mind-blowing energy, vascularity and pumps before and well after training. It also tastes great and has zero creatine for no bloat.”

The third product, Nuke, is an essential-amino-acid formula. Amato explains that unlike traditional branched-chain amino-acid formulas, Nuke contains all nine of the essential amino acids that provide the signals and building blocks for muscle-growth during training.

“Finally, NMDA is, pound for pound, the most potent testosterone and growth-hormone increaser on the market,” Amato boasts. “N-methyl-d-aspartic acid is more than 100 times as potent as straight d-aspartic acid products. NMDA helps generate androgens and anabolic agents that help build lean, hard and dry gains. In fact, the science is so advanced that after researching it and developing it, we filed patents on it to protect our discoveries.”