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Game Changer

A former NFL player finds an innovative way to get the nutritional supplements he always wanted — by starting his own company, MusclePharm.

When professional football players become frustrated with the lack of credible sports-supplement products available, they usually keep searching in vain for the next new product that’s going to give them the edge they’re looking for. But former NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins Brad Pyatt had a different plan of attack — he viewed it as a smart business opportunity, and in 2008 founded MusclePharm LLC, a sports nutrition company that offered the products he craved.

“Every time I tried a product that claimed to do that one thing great, it ended up doing the opposite and actually hindering my athletic performance,” Pyatt says. “I was determined to create a line of products that any athlete, weekend warrior or everyday Joe could trust. I want them to feel comfortable that if the MusclePharm name is on the bottle, you can trust that what we claim is exactly what you’ll be getting. We don’t over-hype; we just offer real results.”

The company designs each of its products with the athlete in mind and with the help of Dr. Eric Serrano, a world-renowned sports nutritionist. “The ingredients we use are the best available, and each one of our products is built with integrity and purpose,” Pyatt says. “We give consumers value for what they pay and also ensure that what they are paying for is the best on the market.”

These products include Combat protein powder, Battle Fuel natural anabolic pack, Bullet Proof advanced nighttime recovery matrix, Shred Matrix fat-loss system, Recon muscle reconstruction matrix and Assault extreme preworkout matrix. “You will not need to take other preworkout products if you’re taking Assault,” Pyatt says of this product that will allow you to do more reps per set with decreased recovery time between sets. Assault contains 5 grams of creatine to help ramp up volume, pump and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production; 3 grams of beta-alanine, which increases muscular contractility and diminishes fatigue; 2 grams of citrulline malate, which fuels aerobic energy pathways to enhance performance; 3 grams of arginine, which enhances volumization, nutrient delivery and cellular oxygenation to feed performance, recovery and growth; and suma root, what Pyatt calls the “Russian secret.” “These key ingredients work synergistically to provide your muscles with true increased energy to dramatically improve performance,” he summarizes.

And these products, once only sold internationally, are now available in the United States. “We are very excited about the nationwide launch of our entire line of products through Vitamin Shoppe,” Pyatt says. “We are now available to athletes in nearly every neighborhood across the nation.”

As the official sponsor of Elite Athletics, a California-based training facility headed by top pro-football speed-and-strength coach Travelle Gaines, MusclePharm has tested its products on the industry’s best athletes, from mixed-martial arts athletes Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping to pro-football players Chris Johnson and Joey Porter. And MusclePharm is the only line of products that industry giants like Greg Jackson of Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts and Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell support or endorse.

But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of these powerful products, Pyatt adds. “We also have products for everyday supplement users looking to enhance their lifestyle and performance on the field or in the gym.”