Filling the Void


Applied Nutriceuticals, a manufacturer of quality supplements, brings you Uncut, a potent formulation in a much more convenient encapsulated format — no mixing required. 

Uncut offers the most potent preworkout formulation on the market while also being the easiest to use. It gives customers an alternative to powders that are common to the industry, possessing a simple dosing format with a one- to three-capsule serving size — just pop Uncut with 12 ounces of water and you’ll be ready to hit the gym. Uncut also offers a safe and equipotent alternative to 1,3 dimethylamylamine, which has been phased out by the dietary supplement industry. Previous attempts by other companies to duplicate the effects of this potent compound have failed, but through a carefully derived research-and-development process, custom formulation and great raw-material sourcing, Uncut is ready to fill the void left by 1,3 DMAA products with a DSHEA-compliant alternative. 

What Uncut Delivers
Consider Uncut an “excuse eraser” that will get you in the gym for a great workout, regardless of how tired you are. With enough capsules in each bottle to last for 30 to 90 workouts and at just over $30 for a 90-capsule bottle, Uncut is less than half the cost per serving of many conventional powdered preworkouts. Plus, it contains ingredients that support strength and can help you burst through plateaus. Uncut also offers safe, DSHEA-compliant ingredients in an easy-to-use capsule.

How It Works
Uncut provides intense stimulation and focus while supporting neuromuscular strength, and it does that through a completely unique formulation. It was specifically formulated to deliver concentrated contractions within every working muscle fiber to deliver strength and intense pumps. 

Uncut accomplishes this by increasing release of two neurotransmitters, acetylcholine and norepinephrine — both of which are involved in muscle contraction and the fight-or-flight response — and decreasing acetylcholine metabolism, and by enhancing calcium release by increasing receptor sensitivity in an area of muscle tissue that is heavily involved in the contractile process. By promoting neurotransmitter levels in the brain and peripheral nervous system by increasing beta-adrenergic receptor activity, decreasing alpha-2 adrenergic receptor activity and enhancing calcium release in skeletal muscle, Uncut will promote marked strength gains, far past what can be expected with conventional preworkouts.

Other ingredients improve mental focus, increase energy and promote higher nitric-oxide levels and bigger pump.

Our Perspective
“This was a very tricky formulation to nail down on the development side and source correctly,” says Dirk Tanis Jr., MSci, co-founder of Applied and the formulator of Uncut. “It took us several months of careful planning and multiple different phases of product testing to create a formula that is equivalent to or stronger than product formulations that contain 1,3 DMAA. We feel really confident that, based on our research, this product will really make things much more convenient for the end-user without sacrificing any of the potency or quality that our customers have come to expect.” 

About the Company
Applied Nutriceuticals is a vertically integrated company that researches, develops, sources, manufactures and distributes dietary supplements worldwide. It possesses its own cGMP manufacturing and analytical testing facility located in Charlotte, N.C., and specializes in creating the most innovative products in the dietary supplement industry.