Essential Anti-Inflammatory Support


Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport combines concentrated omega-3 essential fatty acids in a 2:1 eicosapentaenoic acid to docosahexaenoic acid ratio with natural vitamin D-3. It offers single-product convenience to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and promote strong bones and healthy cardiovascular and respiratory function in athletes and active individuals of all types.

The omega-3s found in Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport may actually boost your fitness regimen, making it the most important supplement in your arsenal. While there are several different types of omega-3s, we’re going to focus on the EPA and DHA that come from fish, fish oil and marine sources like algae because they are the ones that most research has examined.

Omega-3s: EPA and DHA
Most people associate omega-3s with cardiovascular health, but their benefits go far beyond the heart. Nearly 12,000 studies on omega-3 essential fatty acids have documented the health benefits of these fats, and the evidence is overwhelming. Adequate consumption of EPA and DHA not only benefits a healthy heart but also supports brain and cognitive function, joint mobility, eye health and a normally functioning immune response.

Inflammation Fighter
Together, EPA and DHA promote the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, a normal function that’s behind the relief of many chronic conditions but that can be inhibited by poor nutrition. Pumping iron and regular training increase inflammation, which can ultimately break you down. Therefore, focusing on recovery through sleep, nutrition and smart supplementation (which includes a high-quality fish oil) is smart. 

Fish Oil and Fat Loss
A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when a daily omega-3 dietary supplement was added to an aerobic-activity-based weight-loss program, subjects lost significantly more body fat.

Other Benefits
A recent study looked at how omega-3 fats could boost protein anabolism (growth) in older individuals, who commonly lose muscle mass. Their findings showed that the omega-3 supplements did stimulate muscle protein synthesis in this population, which can mean more muscle growth. 

Natural Vitamin D
Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport also provides 1,000 IUs of vitamin D-3, the recommended and natural form of the vitamin that the body makes from sunlight. Best-known for its role in building and maintaining strong bones by improving the body’s absorption of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D-3 also helps regulate the immune and neuromuscular systems and plays key roles in the life cycle of human cells.

Certified for Sport
The NSF Certified for Sport Program, also known as the Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program, ensures that athletes have access to nutritional products that are free from banned substances and their metabolites. It also verifies that products contain the actual quantity of ingredients listed on the label. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Sport was the first fish oil worldwide to be included in this rigorous testing and certification program, and Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport continues this tradition.

By supplementing with NSF Certified Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport, athletes and active people alike get the omega-3s they need to optimize fitness and health.