BSN 2.0


Forward-thinking companies know that to maintain a competitive advantage, they must be focused on their next move. They know that to avoid stagnation, it’s important to make continual improvements to customer satisfaction and demonstrate innovation through new products. And that’s why, after 10 years of success, BSN decided to shake things up in early 2011.

“That time was a great rebirth for the company,” says Eric Hart, BSN’s senior brand-development manager. “We reached out to our customers and took their feedback on products and flavor, what they needed and wanted. Then we decided to give them what they were asking for, in everything from product development to marketing. We made big changes.”

Those big changes included the launch of several new products in 2011, with more to come in 2012. The first was a revamped formula for the preworkout product N.O.-Xplode, which hadn’t changed since 2004. “People loved this product, but they wanted more of it,” Hart says. “So we created N.O.-Xplode 2.0 to give it more of everything.” Its list of benefits is lengthy: It supports muscular endurance and strength and fat burning, blunts muscular fatigue, promotes mental alertness and focus, increases nitric-oxide production and the anaerobic working capacity of muscle tissue, and improves electrolyte and fluid balance.

Next to store shelves was Amino X, BSN’s highly anticipated entry into the branched-chain-amino-acid market. This endurance and recovery agent is the world’s first instantized effervescent BCAA formula. It contains 10 grams of micronized anti-catabolic amino acids, 2 grams of mTOR-stimulating leucine and 500 IUs of vitamin D per serving, and it’s caffeine free.

Hyper FX, the concentrated pre-training energy formula, came out next. “We tried to redefine this category,” Hart says, “with an efficacious formula of 9.6 grams of proprietary blend per scoop. And all you need is one scoop. We had more pre-orders for this product than anything we’ve ever produced.” The formula is geranium free, includes 500 IU of vitamin D per serving, and has D-aspartic acid and calcium-D-glucarate for testosterone support.

At the tail end of 2011, BSN launched Hyper Shred, a fat burner that provides lasting energy. In early January 2012, Syntha-ISO — 100 percent whey protein isolate — hit store shelves. “It’s the same great taste and texture people love but lower in calories,” Hart says. And finally, this month, BSN’s new testosterone-boosting product EVO-Test debuts in tablet and effervescent powder form. “People won’t have to plug their noses for it … it’s an industry first,” Hart says.

So what’s next for BSN? “In 2012, we’ll do more of what we did midway through 2011,” Hart says. “We’ll connect back with the consumer, keep taking their feedback and provide them with education. We’ll roll out some line extensions — including a multivitamin, a sleep formula and a joint formula — to round out our portfolio. Finally, we’re bringing our pricing down to make it more affordable for the consumer. In short, whatever your supplement need is, we’ll have one for you.”