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A Promise Holds True


I can’t tell you the exact name, as it’s undergoing studies, but let’s just say the next product in our pipeline is the world’s first ‘Super Thermogenic,’ and it will change the fat-loss category forever.” These words were spoken by USPlabs CEO Jacob Geissler when we last spoke to him in late 2009. Since that time, he’s kept his word. He was speaking about USPlabs’ OxyElite Pro, which, because of its effectiveness, has quickly established itself as the top fat burner on the market today. “Users are raving about its ability to help them reach their fat-loss goals,” Geissler says.

But OxyElite Pro wasn’t the only source of USPlabs’ excitement in 2010. Its ever-popular Jack3d continues to excel in the preworkout category. “Everyone and their brother has either tried to copy Jack3d or attack it, but the bottom line is Jack3d remains the best preworkout product and value on the market today,” Geissler says.“Plus, it’s backed by two university studies. Customers love Jack3d because it helps them dominate the weight room — plain and simple.”

Additionally, USPlabs’ entry into the testosterone-boosters category — Pink Magic — was met with industry buzz, despite a lack of formal promotion of the product. “We barely advertised it, yet it went viral,” Geissler says. “We weren’t sure how the industry would handle a testosterone booster with the word ‘pink’ in it. It turns out, not everyone could, and our competitors began posting fake negative reviews and articles online. They didn’t fool anyone, though, and it backfired on them — it just made more people talk about Pink Magic!” Finally, for those looking to get pumped during workouts, USPlabs will soon reveal Yok3d. “You’ve never experienced a pump like this,” Geissler says. “The great thing is, you can stack it with Jack3d, Pink Magic or any of our other products for an even better experience.”

Beyond store shelves, USPlabs took its commitment for science-backed products to the lab — backing three university studies on OxyElite Pro, two on Jack3d and one on Anabolic-Pump. “We are committed to funding legitimate university studies on current and future products,” Geissler says.

But USPlabs’ products don’t just help athletes and bodybuilders reach their potential — undernourished children worldwide will benefit from the company’s recent charitable endeavor. USPlabs donated $100,000 to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential nutrients (in the form of multivitamins and vitamin A) to more than 4 million newborns, infants and children younger than 5 — through a promotion at Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide.

Geissler credits his company’s continued success to its great bond with its loyal customers: “We share the same passion they do. Our dedication to our craft has allowed us to continually release supplements that perform and deliver. Our customers know we will continue to bring them the highest quality, result-producing products possible.”