The Mental & Emotional Side of Physical Transformation

Drew Manning expected physical challenges in his "fit-to-fat-to-fit" experiment. What he wasn't prepared for were the mental and emotional struggles he faced.

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When Drew Manning gained 75 pounds (then lost them) on purpose to better understand the challenges his clients go through, he fully expected the physical effects that accompany weight gain. 

What he didn’t anticipate were the emotional and mental aspects. 

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As the pounds piled on, Drew suffered from low self-esteem and low self-confidence. He wanted to explain to strangers that this was just an experiment; that in actuality he was a very fit, healthy person. Ultimately, Drew started to lose his identity.

But, it became a valuable lesson. 

“As a trainer, or someone in the fitness industry, you could give someone the best meal plans, the best workouts, the best trainer. You could provide them all the physical tools they need to be successful when it comes to being healthy,” explains Drew. “But none of that matters if that person doesn’t understand how to overcome their mental and emotional challenges. It will just be another diet that they do for a little while; they lose weight but then they gain it back. The key to making it a true lifestyle change is on the mental and emotional side, and that is what I preach now.”

Listen as Drew joins host Lisa Davis to discuss the emotional and mental side of physical transformation, as well as what he learned from his “fit-to-fat-to-fit” experiment.

Drew Manning

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