The Best Benching Tutorial on the Web

October 28, 2011

Benching is a religion among lifters. Every Monday, the pec-worshipping throngs with protracted shoulders make a pilgrimage to the Church of Upper Body Day to train what they know looks best in their bathroom-mirror cameraphone pics.

And while many experts would like benching to be a little less fashionable, I'm not here to knock the bench. The fact is, benching is awesome. And regardless of what any functionality guru tells you, it's still a stellar developer of upper-body power.

But a surplus of benching can be dangerous, so if you're going to do it, do it right. That's where Smitty from Diesel Crew comes in. In this video, he absolutely nails everything you need to know about pressing serious weight.

So check it out, leave your thoughts in the comments, and remember Smitty's words: "The bench is a full-body lift. If your whole body's not sore coming off the bench, you're not doing it right."