Sheru Classic 2012: Bigger Than Ever!

July 24, 2012

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

The massive 25,000-seat Indira Ghandi Arena, the biggest in India and third largest in Asia, will host the event, which could easily prove to be the most well attended bodybuilding contest in the history of the sport! 

A bigger venue is not the only change however as promoter Sheru Aangrish has dramatically expanded the expo to include a powerlifting contest as well as guest lecturers and speakers. 

This year’s contest will also include for the first time a 212, Men’s Physique and Bikini division with an additional $40,000 in prize money up for grabs. Like last year, $200,000 will go to the bodybuilding contest, which will feature some of the biggest names in the sport just one week after the Olympia!

Below is the confirmed athlete list as of June 26, 2012.  More competitors will be added with about 15 total in each division.

Mens Open  

- Phil Heath - Jay Cutler - Kai Greene - Branch Warren - Roelly Winklaar - Lionel Beyeke - Michael Kefalianos - Ben White - Varinder Ghuman - Toney Freeman

Mens 212 

- Jose Raymond - Flex Lewis - Kevin English - Massoom Bhutt - Terzo Mirsad

Women's Figure 

- Nicole Wilkins - Erin Stern - Heather Dees - Candice Keene - Felicia Romero - Gennifer Strobo

Women's Bikini 

- Jaime Baird - Dianna Dahlgren - Sonia Gonzales - Nathalia Melo - Nicole Nagrani - India Paulino