MuscleMag at the 2010 New York Pro

August 26, 2011

The 2010 New York Pro marks the unofficial kickoff to pro bodybuilding’s summer season. Occurring as it does a mere four and a half months before the Olympia, the event has long offered fans their first glimpse of what to expect in the way of mass and conditioning from some of the sport’s presiding elites, who for their part are afforded the opportunity to stand on a stage in the biggest city in the country and, without words so much as actions, send loud-and-clear messages to their Sandow-seeking peers — messages intended to reverberate all the way to Las Vegas in September.

The open division boasted a field of 14 that was notably more star-studded than that of April’s Europa Show of Champions in Orlando. Dennis Wolf, Toney Freeman and Roelly Winklaar were constituted the presumptive top three. The bulk of the attention was fixed on Wolf, in particular, who, in seeking to atone for his failing to place at the 2009 Oylmpia, had to be feeling more than the usual amount of precontest pressure. There was also a large groundswell of popular support for Hidetada Yamagishi, whose win in Orlando was his first as a pro, and who was making a legend of out himself by so far keeping an earlier promise to appear in every single pro show in 2010. But the rigors of staying in contest shape for so long gave fans reason to suspect he might miss the podium this time out. Occupying sleeper roles were Ben Pakulski and Erik Fankhouser. The thinking on online forums was that a misstep by one or more of the heavy hitters could open up room in the top five for one — or perhaps even both — of the fan-favorite Canadians with the otherworldly wheels.

In the 202, Jose Raymond made a late entry into the contest, and in the absence of Eduardo Correa, who won the Europa going away, the division seemed to be Jose’s to lose.

Men's Open Results

  1. Roelly Winkelaar
  2. Hidetada Yamagishi
  3. Dennis Wolf
  4. Toney Freeman
  5. Erik Fankhouser
  6. Evgeny Mishin
  7. Ben Pakulski
  8. Johnnie Jackson
  9. Maruis Dohne
  10. Jeff Long
  11. Sergei Shelestov
  12. Daniele Seccarecci
  13. Mike Van-Wyck
  14. Manuel Romero15. Cesar Mendible


  1. Kevin English
  2. Jose Raymond
  3. Jason Arntz
  4. Vincent Wawryk
  5. Sean-Paul Jenkins
  6. John Arendsz
  7. Mike Sheridan
  8. Eric Castagnet
  9. Milton Holloway Jr.
  10. Anthony Finocchiaro
  11. Emro Karaduzovic