MMI's Exclusive Jay Cutler Interview

Recuperating from a torn biceps, four-time Olympia champ Jay Cutler skipped the 2012 Olympia, but he’s got big plans to make 2013 another breakout year. Here he shares with MMI how he’s already preparing for his comeback.

November 10, 2012

MMI: Hey Jay, it’s been about six months since we’ve heard from you. Where have you been hiding out?

Jay: Funny [Laughs.] I haven’t been hiding. I’ve just been getting ready to do some real damage.

MMI: Would you care to elaborate?

Jay: Definitely. I’ve taken a break from training, which has allowed me to take some time and evaluate what comes next for me. I’ve been busy working on some extraordinary business projects. And as I’m sure you all know, I needed some time to let my biceps heal. I was pretty banged up the last time you guys saw me front and center.

MMI: Yeah, about that injury ... we were at the Olympia and saw all the pictures. It didn’t look pretty.

Jay: Tell me about it didn’t feel pretty, either. The biceps injury was in fact a tear in the muscle that required treatment, therapy and rehab. It kept me out of the gym for the first time in decades. As a result, this badly needed time off gave me the opportunity to develop a game plan that best suits me, my family and all of the people who’ve supported me over the years. The injury itself was a lot more complicated and painful than many people were aware of. Bottom line, I needed time to recoup.

Jay Cutler

MMI: Do you think the injury figured into the outcome of last year’s Olympia?

Jay: I’d never say that. However, I’d say I’m looking for a rematch.

MMI: So, you’re making a comeback?

Jay: Forget a comeback; I’M BACK!

MMI: Really? So are you saying that you’re ready to get back onstage at the 2013 Olympia and kick some ass?

Jay: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

MMI: In terms of current rivalries, do you think this will help build any level of anticipation with the last man to beat you? Also, what about all of that talk that you were like a mentor to Phil, helping him achieve the level of success he has?

Jay: We’re friends, that’s it. As far as any rivalries are concerned, it is what it is. I’m not coming back to take second place. I’m not putting my body through extreme torture so that I can watch someone else pick up a trophy that belongs to me. This is going to be a very interesting year for bodybuilding fans.

MMI: You mentioned earlier new business projects. Anything you care to share with us?

Jay: Absolutely. I signed with the fastest-growing sports-nutrition company in the entire country, BPI Sports. I’ll also be affiliated with BPI’s sister companies, Image Sports and EXT Sports. Through this unique business and entrepreneurial partnership, I’ll be traveling like I never have before. We’ll be hitting tradeshows, retail stores and distributors, both here and abroad. This is a great opportunity for me to get involved at a level that I’ve never been exposed to before. This new partnership allows me to use the best products from the very best manufacturer and help build several lines with a company that has never ever been associated with an athlete up until now. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate to be their very first.

Jay Cutler

MMI: This is a huge announcement. Is there anything else you plan to do for next year’s Olympia that you haven’t done in the past?

Jay: Again, this new business arrangement affords me the opportunity to use the most cutting-edge thermogenics, test boosters and recovery-based supplements on the entire planet. I’ve already been using Build-HD™ by BPI and have really been loving GO™ from the EXT Sports line.

MMI: How important are supplements in building a championship physique?

Jay: Clearly supplements should never replace food, but every part of life needs supplementation. I mean, a person needs quality whole foods the same way a car needs gas to run. But that car also needs oil changes, air-filter replacements and other fine-tuning, especially if you want your car to outperform the other cars on the road. Proper, quality supplementation allows a person the chance to improve performance in much the same way. This is how I treat my body. I’ve been in this for a long time. I remember my first national contest was the Teen and Collegiate Nationals back in 1993. I’ve seen a lot of nutrition fads come and go, a lot of supplements and supplement companies make noise and then vanish faster than they appeared. But there are some things that last. Supplementing with creatine, amino acids, protein, thermogenics, etc. have helped me invaluably in the last 20-plus years, and have done the same for just about every bodybuilder I know. I wouldn’t be where I am today without nutritional supplements — no pro would. Needless to say I’m a big believer, and I’m a guy who’s always eager to see what’s next.

MMI: Tell us how all of this came together.

Jay: I had a few meetings with my good friend Kevin DeHaven, dedicated nationwide sales rep for BPI. In turn, he was able to set up some follow-up discussions with the CEO of BPI Sports. And, boom, things just steamrolled from there. Between BPI and myself, there’s a mutual undying passion for the sports-performance industry, which makes this the ideal partnership.

MMI: So let’s be clear. Any predictions for the 2013 Olympia?

Jay: Yes, for everyone who’s supported me and wished me well, thank you. And to my critics who said I’d never be able to make it back ... just keep it up!

Jay Cutler

Jay's Contest History

Results from Jay Cutler’s biggest amateur and professional contests.

- NPC Teen Nationals 1st, heavyweight

- NPC Nationals 1st, heavyweight

- Night of Champions 11th

- IronMan Pro 3rd
- Arnold Classic 4th
- Mr. Olympia 14th

- Night of Champions 1st
- Mr. Olympia 8th

- Mr. Olympia 2nd

- Arnold Classic 1st

- Arnold Classic 1st
- Mr. Olympia 2nd

- Arnold Classic 1st
- Mr. Olympia 2nd

- Mr. Olympia 2nd

- Mr. Olympia 1st

- Mr. Olympia 1st

- Mr. Olympia 2nd

- Mr. Olympia 1st

- Mr. Olympia 1st

- Mr. Olympia 2nd
- Sheru Classic 2nd