Kip’s Quest: The Pro Card

Canadian amateur bodybuilder Kip Chong has been striving to earn his pro card for the last five years. Will this be the year? Follow him as he trains to make his dream come true!

February 27, 2013

What’s up peeps! The name is Kip Chong. I’m an amateur bodybuilder born and raised in the “T.Dot” . For those that don’t know that’s Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For the past five years I’ve been on a quest to earn an IFBB Pro Card. This was not my initial goal however. My first goal was to simply get up on stage, compete and see how I compared to the other guys that were doing this. First show I did was a local Level 1 competition. I still find it hard to believe that I weighed in at 198lbs and competed as a light-heavyweight. At 6’2 that was way too lean. In hindsight, I made so many mistakes in that prep. I still made it to the stage but placed a disappointing 11th place out of about 16 competitors. I was outmuscled but definitely not outclassed. I knew then that this wasn’t going to be my last show and that I had some work ahead of me to fill out my frame.

I’ve competed every year since then in whatever shows were necessary to move through the levels and with each show and another year of growth I got more focused and more driven to see gains. I started to see a physique that was in firing range for a shot at the title. I knew I wasn’t there yet, but with a shitload of work and the way I was growing from year to year, I knew I could be a contender. June 2010, was my best placing to date. In our provincial championship I weighed in at 238lbs and was able to secure the top spot in the super heavyweight division. I was extremely happy with the placing but that victory was short lived. I could only think about getting back to work to add size. As I watched guys like Cedric McMillan, Edward Nunn and other NPC super heavies win their Pro Card I knew I needed to be somewhere in the 250-255lb range to be a contender at the national level.


In 2011, I took my first shot at the Nationals at 295lbs. I was 15lbs heavier than last year and in better condition. According to my calculations, that put me somewhere in the low 250s for contest time. I was ready. In 16 weeks of prep I was losing approximately 2 lbs a week. At two weeks out, weighing 253lbs, I was feeling great and looking great. I was told there was no fat to go and that I should stop cardio. The 2011 Nationals were in Montreal. I hadn’t weighed myself in 2 weeks and I was feeling small. The condition was there but I didn’t feel full at all. I weighed in at 240lbs. I lost 13 lbs in two weeks – 13 lbs! I knew I threw this one out. I placed 7th out of 12 guys. This was the toughest loss to date. At 250lbs I would have been in striking distance. I knew I was too close to quit and immediately started to plan my offseason and get back to work.

Boom, 2012! At 308 lbs I’m focused. Nothing is going to stop me this year. My plan was 13 weeks precontest. Every week I watched the fat melt away. I was ready. Nationals are in Edmonton, Alberta. My flight left Thursday morning. Tuesday after my last workout I felt like I had done all I could do. Carb deplete, carb load, cut water and let the chips fall where they may. Friday evening I weighed-in at 269 lbs yet by Saturday morning (show day) I was holding water. I looked good from the front and smooth from the back. I remember thinking: “WTF, I looked sharper than this at the gym on Tues!” I couldn’t believe this was happening. But there wasn’t much I could do. Super heavies got called out. I posed my ass off in the first round of compulsories. After the compulsories the judges called out the top six. No Kip. Next were seven through 12. No Kip. Twelve – 15. No Kip! I couldn’t believe this shit. Was I really battling for second last place? At the 2012 Canadian Nationals I finished 16th out of 17 competitors. I was done with this. No more competition. I knew training would always be part of my life but f*** this shit! Not me! Not again! I’m done!


Fast forward to 2013. What do you think? Was I done? Hell no! My ass was way too close to quit because of mistakes I made in the last two days. I was ready! I made mistakes that took me out of the game. I wasn’t outmuscled, I didn’t have an inferior physique and I came to the biggest show of the year holding water, smooth from the back like a baby's butt!

It’s February 27, 2013 and I’m currently 13 weeks out from the Ontario Championship at the Toronto Pro Supershow. This is my first of the year and will qualify me for the Nationals in Nova Scotia on July 6. I have my friend and coach Greg “the Colossus" Kovacs in my corner. I’m bigger, I’m better and more focused and driven. I will not make the same mistakes twice. 2013 Nationals lookout because Kip Chong is coming. Stick with me guys and follow the journey!