Juan Morel is Pro in Cleveland

September 28, 2011

Juan Morel captured the title for the Super heavyweight division, securing his IFBB pro status. Kenneth Jackson finished atop the Men's Open Heavy division and is now a card-carrying member of the IFBB as well. Congrats to all participants. 

Men's Results:

Men's Open LT Heavy:
  1. Chuck Lyons
  2. Michael Pariso
  3. Chris Przybyla
  4. Kris Lecomte
  5. Harry Jones
Men's Open Heavy:
  1. Kenneth Jackson 
  2. Brad Davis
  3. Joel Thomas
  4. Tony Friedrich
  5. David Coleman
Men's Open Super Heavy:
  1. Juan Morel
  2. Keith Williams
  3. Dan Decker
  4. Drew Jemmott
  5. Marlon John
Men's Overall:
  • Juan Morel 1st got pro card
  • Kennith Jackson 2nd got pro card