Facts Behind Nasser El Sonbaty's Death Confirmed

Guillermo Tom, Nasser El Sonbaty’s friend and training partner, reveals the real facts behind his friend’s untimely passing

March 27, 2013

Ever since news broke last week of Nasser El Sonbaty’s passing, the Internet has been aflame with rumors of all sorts as to the cause of death. In many ways the continued discussion among bodybuilding fans is a testament to the impact Nasser had on the sport. For this reason we greatly appreciate Guillermo Tom taking the time to clarify the circumstances once and for all.

“Nasser had been ill for sometime. In November he was admitted to the hospital here in San Diego for breathing problems. It was then that he was diagnosed with heart failure and kidney damage. He was on dialysis from that day on. The doctors told him he was not a candidate for a heart transplant because his heart was too weak. He went back to Egypt to visit his family, which consisted of his mother, father and one sister. He died in his sleep while in Egypt. Whether or not it was caused by any of the illnesses I mentioned, we do not yet know. That’s the true story.”

There will be a memorial for Nasser at the Urbanbody Gym in San Diego on Friday March 29 at 6:00pm. Everybody is welcome to attend the memorial. Please send all flowers or cards directly to the gym.

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