Essa Obiad wins the 2010 Dallas Europa

August 25, 2011

By: Gordon Smith

In another battle in bodybuilding’s eternal “aesthetics-versus-mass” war, Essa proved that mass kills. Essa, festooned from his blonde Mohawk to toe with slabs of gnarled and separated muscle, dominated the show. Second-place finisher Mark Alvisi (the 2009 USA champ) had an auspicious debut too, bringing a well-conditioned and symmetrical package to stage, but his elegant lines just couldn’t fend off Essa’s sheer size.

Bill Wilmore parlayed his class-leading lat thickness and rugged muscularity into third place and an Olympia qualification, while 2009 NPC Nationals champ Cedrick McMillan took fourth. Cedrick had assembled the show’s best combination of sheer mass, proportion, and symmetry on his 6”1” frame, but he couldn’t hold on to his early lead from prejudging, as his relative lack of separation and dryness became more apparent in the evening show.

Despite dropping one place lower than his placing at the July Europa Battle of Champions, fifth place Michael Kefalianos somehow managed to get in even better condition for this outing; he appears to have eradicated all traces of subcutaneous fat from his body. If “lipocide” were a crime, Michael would be on death row.

Veteran Markus Rühl was not at his best, but it didn’t really matter; he’s an archetype in the sport, and rocked the audience just by stepping on stage.

The Men’s 202 Division featured a pitched two-man battle for first between the equally well-conditioned Seth Feroce and Jaroslav Horvath. In the back especially, Jaroslav looks like Dorian Yates’ Mini-Me, but he doesn’t quite have the legs to match. Seth, however, has no such issue with symmetry, and used his balanced proportions to take first place, much to Jaroslav’s unconcealed displeasure.

Co-Best Poser Tricky Jackson (with Clarence DeVis) just didn’t have the size to challenge Seth and Jaroslav, but was superior to the remainder of the field as he broke and popped his way to third.

Men’s Open Results

  1. Essa Ibrahim Obiad
  2. Mark Alvisi
  3. Bill Wilmore
  4. Cedrick McMillan
  5. Michael Kefalianos
  6. Grigori Atoyan
  7. Markus Rühl
  8. Brandon Curry
  9. Leo Ingram Jr.
  10. Joel Stubbs

Men’s 202 Results

  1. Seth Feroce
  2. Jaroslav Horvath
  3. Tricky Jackson
  4. Myoba Edwards
  5. Gaetano Cisternino
  6. Edward Duque
  7. Clarence DeVis
  8. Carlos Majid Rabiei
  9. Pierre Chamoun
  10. Rixio Tapia