Ed Nunn Unhappy With Arnold Classic Placing

After finishing a disappointing 8th at the 2013 Arnold Classic, Ed Nunn says he's "tired of being overlooked" by judges!

March 4, 2013

By Frank Hoffmann

With another Arnold Classic in the books and a dark cloud of questionable calls still looming over Columbus, Ohio, this story has become all too familiar for Edward Nunn. After a disappointing eighth place finish, Nunn finally expressed how he felt about the judges in a post-Arnold interview with Dennis James. Since earning his IFBB Pro card at the 2008 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, Nunn has been told by fans, bodybuilding insiders and even judges, that he is way overlooked. “I’m tired of being overlooked. I come in conditioned, I bring symmetry, I’m over 260 pounds with shredded glutes and they tell me I’m overlooked”. Nunn went on to say, “I respect the judges and I’ll respect their calling, but this is bull!”

Ed Nunn is not the only pro to express his disappointment with his placing at the Arnold’s. In a not-so-subtle post on his Facebook page, Fouad Abiad incredulously captioned a stage shot from the show: “This is 10th place at the Arnold’s?” Both of their frustrations are understandable. Bodybuilding is a 24/7/365 sport and the sacrifices these athletes make are unfathomable by most people. But the reality is that at the end of the day, bodybuilding is subjective and judged by impressionable and sometimes corrupt humans. For as long as the sport has been in existence there has never been a 100% consensus on any placing – nor will there ever be!

So what does this mean for Nunn? How is he going to wow the judges at the next show? “I’m gonna come back with something just mind-boggling; I’m gonna have to look like Ronnie Coleman’s little cousin before I can just blow everyone off the damn stage”, Nunn said with emotional vigor. Well, he won’t have to wait long. Ed Nunn flies out tomorrow to take his chances at the Australian Pro this coming weekend and regardless of what went down at the Arnold’s, he is a professional and vows not to quit.

Arnold Classic 2013 Results

1. Dexter Jackson

2. Ben Pakulski

3. Toney Freeman

4. Johnnie Jackson

5. Hidetada Yamagishi

6. Cedric McMillan

7. Fred Smalls

8. Edward Nunn

9. Darrem Charles

10. Fouad Abiad

11. Marcus Haley

12. Michael Kefalianos

13. Ronny Rockel