Ed Nunn Takes the 2010 Hartford Europa

August 26, 2011

By: Gordon Smith

Troy Alves – skin like a shrink-wrap coating and sporting arguably the best chest-delt-arm combo in the Division – probably couldn’t have been in better condition.  But it was Nunn’s tall, X-Man-like frame, complete with tight waist, full quads, hams, and – especially important – calves, that managed to consign Troy to the runner-up spot.

Thick and vascular Ben White rounded out the top three Olympia qualifiers, with Australian Michael Kefalianos and Leo Ingram Jr. finishing just out to the money at fourth and fifth, respectively.

Crowd favorite Darrem Charles brought his A game to the routine round, earning Men’s Best Poser award.   And had there been a most-muscular award, Kefalianos’ hyper-shredded -- check that . . . skinned -- physique would have taken that trophy handily.

In the Men’s 202 Division, a stout Jose Raymond, winner of last weekend’s Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships, somehow edged a jacked David Henry and the freakishly-vascular Frenchman, Luc Molines, for the top spot in the Men’s 202.The Women’s Division was an international affair, with Slovenia’s Brigita Brezovac’s using her superior frame and symmetry to fend off two Canadians: a thick and stacked Helen Bouchard, and the shredded, always-sexy Cathy LeFrancois.  High flying Beverly DiRenzo took the Women’s Best Poser trophy.

Men's Open Results

  1. Edward Nunn
  2. Troy Alves
  3. Ben White
  4. Michael Kefalianos
  5. Leo Ingram Jr.
  6. Johnnie Jackson
  7. George Farah
  8. Michael Liberatore
  9. Darrem Charles
  10. Constantinos Demetriou

Men's 202 Results

  1. Jose Raymond
  2. David Henry
  3. Luc Molines
  4. Tim Martin
  5. Wendell Floyd
  6. Guy Cisternino, Jr.
  7. Frederic Sauvage
  8. Jeff Long
  9. Abiu Feliz
  10. Anthony Finocchiaro