Don’t Miss Bob Kennedy’s Final Message to MuscleMag Readers!

May 14, 2012

To those who knew Bob, and his reputation for tell-it-like-it-is straight talk such willingness to talk so candidly from his sickbed just two days from losing his three-month brutal fight with cancer is no surprise. That, somehow, he managed to summon the necessary energy to make one last heartfelt contact with faithful MuscleMag readers is pure Bob. To him every sincere bodybuilder was a friend. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, if your goal was self-improvement via resistance training and following a clean, muscle-building diet and lifestyle, you were one of his MuscleMag team.

Bob’s last, brave words that begin “By the time you read this my life will have become just another statistic” and go on to detail the sequence of horrific, unimagined challenges to the outstanding good health he’d enjoyed for over 70 years, speaks volumes of his frank, unbiased approach to the truth, whatever form it takes. Bob dealt with his inescapable demise as he did everything else he encountered — unafraid and unwilling to give in to crippling self-pity that would undermine his love of life.

Bob’s passion for truth (and bodybuilding) knew no boundaries. His important, unedited, 900-plus word message to all, the intimate disclosures, the advice, the warning to readers (to monitor their own health more closely), and his final words of uplifting optimism can be found in the July edition of MuscleMag on sale this month. Read it! Bob would’ve wanted you to.