Dexter Jackson Chases a Fourth Arnold Title

Will Dexter Jackson make history at the 25th Arnold Classic and join Flex Wheeler as four-time champion?

March 1, 2013

By Frank Hoffmann

With the 2013 Arnold Classic finals only one day away, the internet forums are jam-packed with page after page of predictions on who’ll capture the most prestigious bodybuilding title next to the Mr. Olympia. The consensus is in and Dexter Jackson is the favorite to take it. However, with no Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez or Branch Warren in the lineup is there really something to get excited about this year? You bet your ass there is!

At age 43, “The Blade” is on a mission to join Flex Wheeler, one of his bodybuilding idols, as a four-time winner of the Arnold Classic. This isn’t going to be a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination. Dexter’s career has been on a downward spiral ever since he upset Jay Cutler at the 2008 Mr. Olympia. Throughout his career, Dexter Jackson has developed a bad reputation for not training hard. He even admitted relying solely on his genetics early on to get ready for shows without even doing abs or cardio. But over the last three years, as he’s gotten older, Dexter has noticed that his body isn’t responding like it used to and he hasn’t been able to get 100% dialed-in. He therefore recently abandoned his stubborn ways and now places complete trust in the guidance of George Farah and training guru Charles Glass. Today Dexter feels like he’s in the best shape of his life – even better than in 2008!

During a recent interview, Dexter Jackson was asked: “What will winning a fourth Arnold title do for you?” His response: “I want this as bad as I wanted the Olympia”. The road back to the Arnold hasn't been an easy one for Dexter. However, on the evening of March 2, he is determined to cement himself as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Now that’s something to get excited about!