Craig Richardson Preparing for 212 Division

IFBB Pro and Team MHP Athlete Craig Richardson is preparing to take on the 212 division. He gives us his take on his prep so far and how he expects to fare this season!

April 15, 2013

By Craig Richardson, IFBB Pro, Team MHP Athlete

This will be my first year competing at 212. I wasn’t sure what show I would set for my debut. I was actually thinking about doing New York, then Toronto. But I’d like to give myself a little more time. It’s been about a year and a half since I competed last – at the 2011 Olympia – and I think I’m training and eating right but I’m still not running 100 percent.

My training is not as hard as it usually is and my eating has been a little slack. So I do start to lose some of the density and fullness I once had and I already wasn’t the biggest guy on stage. The thing I always had to rely on to be competitive was being more dense and muscular than most guys. That was one of the weapons I had in my arsenal. And it seems like some of that has maybe gotten away.

So I want to hold off on New York and Toronto and do Chicago instead on July 6 at 212 pounds. Hopefully I can make it down and still have the same fullness and everything when I get down there. I’m a bit taller at 5’7” – some guys in that class are 5’3” and 5’4”. My normal contest weight is around 214-215. The only problem is sometimes when I’m down that low I’m as dry as I can possibly get. So that extra 2-3 pounds, I don’t know what effect it can have on me trying to get there. Will it take too much out of me? This is really my first time having to make weight since 2000. Even then, when I got my pro card I was 192 pounds but I was coming down from 216 as opposed to 230. This season, I started my diet around 240. Hopefully things will work out and I’ll be ready to kick some butt.