Big E Langston's WWE Chest Workout

March 6, 2014

Training program by Rob MacIntyre


Even among the larger-than-life physiques of the WWE, Langston is known for his explosive power in the ring. To maintain his colossal size and strength, Langston structures his days to ensure that he has plenty of time to train and eat up to 300 grams of protein. “Every time I step into the weight room I push myself to break my personal records and build more lean body mass,” he says.

This is Big E’s current bench press routine. Weights are pre-assigned (see the chart below). He doesn’t go to failure with each set — it’s more about the buildup over time. “With all the talk of undulating periodization, Big E tends to recover best from lower volume with heavy weights in a very linear fashion,” says strength coach Rob MacIntyre. “High reps with short rest doesn’t work as well for him due to his predominantly fast-twitch muscle fibers. The message for anyone is do what is best for you. It is important to note that due to his travel that this routine can change.”

Adaptation in volume and weights may take place depending on how Langston is recovering for the week. He bench presses twice a week with one heavy day and one light day that ranges from 65%–75% of his estimated max for sets of five. The heavy day seen below ranges from about 80%–95% of his estimated max weight depending on the week.  The exception is the lighter week in the middle of the cycle, which helps keep him fresh before the final push.  The eighth week is an optional testing week to see how much he gained from the training cycle.

The general idea is to combine performance with bodybuilding and balancing. Langston’s incredibly strong chest makes it necessary to balance out the contribution of his triceps on bench and to keep his upper back strong to keep everything in alignment. The explosive medicine ball work helps to keep his body coordinated and to help increase his ability to produce force and absorb eccentric forces, which is very important for wrestling.

Chest RoutinesNote: Week 4 reduces accessory volume by one set per exercise. 

Medicine Ball Slam:
3 sets/5 reps

Medicine Ball pushup
Weeks 1–4: 3 sets/8 reps (per side)

Feet Elevated Plate Pushup for Weeks 5–8
3 sets/6 reps
Increase plate height every week

Swiss Bar Bench with a 50-pound chain weight
Weeks 1–4: 4 sets/6 reps
Weeks 5–8: 5,5,3,3

Cable Rear Cross Row
3 sets/10–12 reps

Fly Machine
3 sets/10–12 reps

Triceps Pushdown
3 sets/12 reps

Any Upper Back Row w/Elbows out
3 sets/10–12 reps


Visit Rob MacIntyre is a strength coach for the WWE. You can find him at Hard Nocks South  or follow him on Twitter @hardnockssouth