Arnold's Lovechild Honors Pop with Conan Halloween Costume

October 31, 2011

Let's embark on a little experiment through the power of imagination. Your biological father helps to create you by impregnating his former maid on the sly, and he then keeps you in the dark about it for the first 14 years of your life. And to make things worse, your mom keeps the secret too — all to keep those baby-mama dollars flowing. When you found out, you'd be pissed. Right? Well, apparently not if your name is Joseph Baena. Because your new dad is Arnold friggin' Schwarzenegger. Which means you not only have some pretty choice genetics, you're also the son of a ridiculously wealthy movie star / politician. So your complicated life just got a whole lot easier. All secrets, lies, and broken homes aside, young Joseph doesn't seem too emo about the whole thing. Case in point: He dressed as Conan the Barbarian for Halloween. video platformvideo