Arnold Classic Competitors Showed Big Guts – Literally!

Distended, protruding midsections were definitely the dark underbelly of this year’s Arnold Classic!

March 8, 2013

By Frank Hoffmann

It seems like the 2013 bodybuilding season is getting off on the wrong foot. As more and more pictures from last week’s Arnold Classic continue to surface (Google Marcus Haley gut), the general feeling is that the sport may be regressing back to the time when pro bodybuilders’ midsections were out of control. Distended, pregnant, alien and GH gut are just some of the descriptors attached to the uncontrollable mid-sections of past pros. Call it what you will, this epidemic is back and it has started to plague the 2013 season.

You may remember names like Greg Kovacs and Jean-Pierre Fux from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. These behemoths were famous for being the biggest bodybuilders on the planet and notorious for their enormously distended guts. However, the era of cartoonish bodybuilders with big bellies quickly came to a crashing halt and for the past five or six years, guys were hitting the stage with less mass and crisper conditioning – aesthetics were back in the IFBB!

So what happened at the Arnold’s this year that’s gotten everybody so panic-stricken? One photo in particular was plastered all over bodybuilding websites and forums. While Marcus Haley was performing an abdominal roll, a photographer snapped one of the most perfectly timed and unflattering pics of all-time which has prompted others to post similar photos of competitors letting their guts loose during certain poses. Now, is this just a case of the competitors forgetting to control their guts? I sure hope so. The season is just starting and hopefully all the competitors have learned their lesson. If not, it may be time to make the vacuum pose mandatory.

Frank Hoffmann is a former NCAA and Professional CFL football player from Toronto, whose passion for health and fitness stems from his years as a personal trainer. Frank works as a freelance fitness and lifestyle writer while holding down a nine to five job and believes having a full-time job is no excuse to not be fit. Check out his fitness blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Nine2Fit