2013 Olympia Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The 2013 Mr. Olympia was one of the most action packed in years. Here’s our list of the best, worst and most shocking moments from the historic night!

October 4, 2013

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

The Good:The Future of Bodybuilding

Phil Heath and Flex Lewis both established themselves as the undeniable dominators of their respective divisions for years to come. Not only are they superior athletes with huge fan followings, both are also tremendous representatives of the sport and have done much to spread the word of bodybuilding all over the globe. In the Men’s Open division in particular, there is also a slew of gifted young talent – Big Ramy, Steve Kuclo, Lionel Beyeke – that is constantly improving and slowly climbing the ranks of the sport’s elite level. When the time finally comes for “The Gift” to pass his crown, bodybuilding fans can rest assured that it will land in good hands.

The Bad: Disappointing Finishes

The 2013 Mr. Olympia proved without a shadow of a doubt that the popularity of an athlete has nothing to do with his placing. Despite bold predictions and massive fan support, big names like Branch Warren, Evan Centopani, Brandon Curry and Cedric McMillan all proved major disappointments. At age 38, Branch’s chance of adding an Olympia title to his list of wins grows slimmer with each passing year. At the same time, Evan, Brandon and Ced, all once touted as future greats, have got to start producing more impressive results when it counts. Otherwise they can fully expect to find themselves overtaken in the standings and fan opinion by the young up-and-comers we listed above.

The Ugly: Heath vs. Greene

Despite kind, conciliatory words to the media by both sides after the contest, it was painfully obvious to all those who watched the final callouts that these two titans of iron can’t stand each other. Every time Phil and Kai found themselves side by side on stage they immediately began elbowing for space, trash talking or staring each other down. When the top ten broke off to hit their favorite poses and interact with the audience, Kai stalked Phil like a true predator. Was he trying to get into his head or just really piss him off? In the end it probably wasn’t the best strategy as Phil proved victorious yet again. Not surprisingly the congratulatory handshake between the two was quick and curt.